Agricultural Survey

CartoVeda gives you access to the revolutionary potential of airborne intelligence, enabling you to take your farm beyond the ground. Envision covering large areas in a matter of minutes, identifying tension before it escalates. Get unmatched yield forecasts and practical insights that are converted into helpful suggestions. We provide you the ability to identify stress early on, allocate resources just where necessary, and closely monitor progress over the course of entire fields. Drones, multispectral sensors, LiDAR, and AI make up our sophisticated technological stack, which goes beyond data collection. Skilled agronomists convert difficult data into insights that are practical and customised for your unique crops and objectives. By selecting CartoVeda, you can help your farm have a better future by bringing forth its full potential, achieving sustainable growth, and experiencing the transformative power of data-driven agriculture.

Pre-Cultivation Precision:

  • Sowing the Seeds of Success: High-resolution aerial surveys meticulously map your land, pinpointing optimal planting locations, minimizing environmental impact, and identifying potential challenges like water availability or soil composition.

  • Detailed Crop Blueprints: Generate accurate 3D models and orthomosaics of your entire farm, revealing precise field boundaries, existing infrastructure, and potential challenges like drainage issues or historical landmarks.

  • Subsurface Intelligence: Integrate AI/ML analysis with hyperspectral imaging to assess soil health, fertility, and potential hidden challenges before planting, optimizing yield potential and resource management.

Seamless Growth Monitoring:

  • Real-Time Yield Insights: Track crop health and biomass development constantly with AI-powered yield predictions, ensuring proactive interventions and maximizing harvests.

  • Plant-Level Precision: Detect crop stress, diseases, and pest outbreaks early through high-resolution imaging and targeted species mapping, minimizing losses and optimizing treatment strategies.

  • Resource Optimization: Gain insights into irrigation needs, drainage efficiency, and potential erosion risks, ensuring optimal resource allocation and sustainable land management.

Total Risk Management:

  • Drought Prediction & Mitigation: Proactive assessments identify drought risks and guide water management strategies, protecting your crops and ensuring financial stability.

  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Evaluate crop vulnerabilities to disease, pests, and weather events, and create tailored risk mitigation plans for long-term resilience.

  • Loss Assessment & Recovery: Quickly measure and assess crop losses following natural disasters or unforeseen events, facilitating efficient insurance claims and recovery efforts.

Beyond Data Collection, Actionable Insights:

  • Expert agronomists: Our team translates complex data into actionable recommendations tailored to your specific crops, soil, and goals.

  • Advanced technology stack: Leverage drones, multispectral sensors, hyperspectral imaging, and AI for unparalleled data analysis and insights.

  • Customizable solutions: We design services to address your unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.

Cultivating Precision from Sky to Soil

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