Bridge Construction Survey

The days of dangerous rappelling and laborious visual examinations are long gone. CartoVeda's methodical airborne methodology revolutionises bridge inspections. By combining cutting-edge corrosion evaluation methods with high-resolution drone data, we can offer an unmatched, comprehensive assessment of the condition of your infrastructure.

Imagine using laser accuracy to locate tiny cracks, concealed corrosion, and possible weak points while ensuring worker safety on the ground. When compared to conventional methods, our drones save significant time and costs by collecting detailed data throughout the whole building. You can prioritise repairs, make well-informed judgements, and protect both your inspection team and the general public with the help of this real-time information. Beyond only gathering data, CartoVeda provides reports and insights that are actionable and compliant with the strictest safety regulations.
  • Real-Time Progress Oversight: Track every stage of construction, from foundation work to superstructure erection, with time-lapse videos and detailed orthomosaics, ensuring adherence to plans and identifying potential delays early.

  • Efficient Material Orchestration: Track material deliveries and monitor stockpiles in real-time using drone inventory surveys, optimizing logistics, reducing waste, and ensuring just-in-time availability.

  • Enhanced Quality Assurance: Conduct high-resolution close-up inspections of welds, joints, and other critical elements using drones, identifying potential issues quickly and minimizing rework for improved efficiency and cost savings.

  • Prioritized Worker Safety: Eliminate the need for risky climbing or scaffolding by remotely inspecting complex structures with drones, prioritizing worker safety and reducing workplace hazards.

Pre-Construction Precision:
  • Scouting with Insight: High-resolution aerial surveys meticulously map landscapes, pinpointing optimal bridge locations, minimizing environmental impact, and identifying potential obstacles like waterways or unstable geology.

  • Detailed Site Blueprints: Generate accurate 3D models and orthomosaics of the entire construction area, including precise property boundaries and potential challenges like underground utilities or historical sites.

  • Subsurface Intelligence: Integrate innovative ground penetrating radar (GPR) with drones to map underground utilities and potential hazards before excavation, optimizing construction plans and minimizing risks.

Post-Construction Peace of Mind:
  • Proactive Maintenance Assurance: Conduct regular drone inspections to identify potential structural issues, wear and tear, or damage even in hard-to-reach areas, ensuring timely repairs and preventative maintenance for extended bridge lifespan.

  • Automated Vegetation Management: Monitor vegetation growth around the bridge and access roads using aerial surveys, ensuring compliance with regulations and preventing potential interference with operations and safety.

  • Enhanced Infrastructure Vigilance: Conduct regular drone inspections of bridge components, supports, and surrounding areas to detect potential hazards, unauthorized access, or damage, ensuring structural integrity and security.

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