Disaster Management Survey

When tragedy strikes, time is vitality. Give up on painful ground surveys! With the use of thermal sensors, CartoVeda's drone fleet can precisely locate landslip weaknesses, rapidly compile high-resolution 3D maps of flood zones, and show off the destructive effects of earthquakes without endangering the lives of emergency personnel. Not only do we map, but we also enable proactive action: we monitor floodwater levels and flow, forecast glacial lake eruptions before they happen, and even use hyperspectral sensors to find survivors who are buried under debris. In close collaboration with law enforcement, we transform unprocessed information into timely, practical assessments that direct focused rescue operations, reduce harm to infrastructure, and expedite recuperation. Select CartoVeda, where crisis management takes off, saving lives and reestablishing futures more quickly and intelligently.
Landslide Foresight:
  • Scouting from Above: High-resolution aerial surveys meticulously map landscapes, pinpointing potential landslide risk zones and hidden vulnerabilities.

  • Unveiling the Subsurface: Innovative ground penetrating radar integrated with drones maps hidden hazards like underground water channels, ensuring informed mitigation strategies.

  • Precise Assessments: Topographical surveys, 3D reconstructions, and detailed crack analysis reveal land stability and potential impact, empowering proactive action.

  • Predictive Power: Slope slide predictors and real-time data dashboards anticipate potential landslides, ensuring timely warnings and swift intervention.

  • Data-Driven Action: Targeted risk mitigation plans and highway slope stabilization strategies safeguard communities and infrastructure.

Guardians of Geohazards - A Landslide & Coastal Vigilance Tour

Coastal & Riverbank Sentinels:
  • Charting the Waters: Comprehensive topographical and bathymetric surveys capture the intricate details of coastlines and riverbanks, both above and below the surface.

  • Predicting the Currents: Advanced technology identifies erosion patterns, forecasts future events, and assesses vulnerabilities, mitigating coastal risks before they strike.

  • Flood Defenses Mapped: Flood erosion risks, coastal flood routes, and mitigation plans are meticulously mapped, guiding proactive defense strategies.

  • Erosion Intelligence: Detailed erosion prediction mapping empowers informed decision-making and targeted control measures.

  • Real-Time Insights: Spatial data analysis dashboards constantly track coastal changes, providing insights for effective response and prevention.

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