Industrial Survey

Forget the risks and restrictions associated with conventional inspections. CartoVeda's cutting-edge drone technology will change the way you play. Imagine being able to quickly cover large regions, such as mines or oil and gas facilities, while collecting in-depth thermal and visual data that reveals hidden issues. This data is transformed into useful insights by our skilled pilots and AI analysis, enabling preventive maintenance and well-informed decision-making. Reduce risks by conducting distant area inspections, and increase productivity by using quick scans and quick reaction times. You are guided towards maximum asset health and reduced risks by customised solutions, understandable reporting, and data-driven insights. Select CartoVeda to see how inspections will be done in the future—safer, quicker, and more intelligently.
  • See the Unseen: Conduct high-resolution visual and thermal inspections, identifying hidden issues in plants, infrastructure, and assets before they escalate.

  • Track Progress Seamlessly: Monitor construction progress in real-time with 3D models and timely updates, ensuring project efficiency.

  • Know Your Assets: Accurately geo-tag and assess the condition of all your assets, enabling proactive maintenance and informed decision-making.

  • Optimize Operations: Streamline processes with comprehensive asset and safety audits, receiving clear reports for data-driven improvements.

  • Uncover the Landscape: Gain precise insights with topographical surveys, laser scanning, and land use mapping, supporting effective planning and development.

Beyond Data Collection:
  • Expert Analysis: Our team translates data into actionable insights and tailored recommendations, maximizing your return on investment.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Leverage drones, high-resolution cameras, thermal sensors, and LiDAR for unparalleled data capture and analysis.

  • Customizable Solutions: We design services to address your specific needs and challenges, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

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