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CartoVeda is a thorough guide to improved road construction. Get rid of delays and embrace efficiency. With our experience and cutting-edge technology, you may eliminate antiquated procedures and expedite each project stage. Imagine having exact route selection through final location surveys, comprehensive project reports to guide your decisions, and state-of-the-art drone technology to help with asset tracking, mapping, and alignment. We provide advanced surveying using GPR, LiDAR, and GIS for unmatched insights, going beyond simple data collection. Yet construction is more than just building; it's also observation. In order to guarantee quality and safety, we offer highly accurate systems for monitoring development, examining soil, and examining parts and bridges. Our knowledgeable staff converts unprocessed data into useful insights so you can make wise choices at every stage of the process. CartoVeda gives you the tools you need to handle challenging projects with confidence, from aerial LiDAR and multispectral imagery to thorough inspection services. Select CartoVeda for efficiency, precision, and advancement.
  • Detailed Project Reporting (DPR): Analyze feasibility, costs, and environmental impact for informed decision-making.

  • Topographical Survey: Capture precise land details with cadastral map overlays for accurate planning.

  • 3D Modelling: Visualize the entire project in detail, optimizing layout and design.

  • Project Planning and Management: Develop a data-driven roadmap for your project, mitigating risks and maximizing efficiency.

  • Route Alignment Survey: Pinpoint the optimal route considering terrain, regulations, and environmental factors.

  • Land Use and Land Cover: Understand existing land usage and potential challenges on your construction site.

  • GPR Survey: Investigate subsurface features like utilities and potential hazards.

  • Encroachment Analysis: Identify and address any existing encroachments before construction begins.

  • Construction Progress Monitoring: Track progress in real-time with high-resolution imagery and LiDAR data.

  • AI-based Pothole Detection: Identify and prioritize road surface repairs for improved safety and longevity.

  • Machine Learning-based Corridor Tree Counting: Automate accurate tree count for environmental assessments.

  • Highway Infrastructure Inspection: Monitor bridges, pavements, and other structures with high-definition aerial scans.

  • Road Surface Assessment: Analyze pavement quality and identify areas requiring maintenance.

  • Asset Condition Analysis: Ensure the functionality and integrity of critical infrastructure throughout construction.

  • GIS Mapping for Track Length: Create accurate records and maps for precise distance measurements.

  • Contour Mapping: Generate detailed terrain models for better drainage and infrastructure planning.

  • Aerial Photogrammetry and Videography: Capture high-resolution visuals for project documentation and marketing.

  • Bridge Inspection: Conduct post-construction assessments to ensure ongoing safety and structural integrity.

  • Live Traffic Movement Monitoring: Analyze traffic patterns and optimize road usage for improved efficiency.

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