Solar Power Survey

With CartoVeda's all-inclusive drone solutions, your solar farm can operate at optimum efficiency and performance. We offer a wide range of services, from pre-commissioning surveys to continuing maintenance, in contrast to limited offerings: Quick and thorough inspections: Rooftop and array scans make it simple to quickly identify broken panels. Use geotagged thermal images to identify hidden problems even while the product is still under warranty, ensuring prompt repairs and optimising output. Proactive problem-solving: Reduce downtime and maintenance expenses by using infrared signatures to identify problems before they get worse. Thermal examinations uncover concealed issues with inverters, connectors, and cells. Beyond panels, peace of mind: We check surrounding infrastructure for total security and compliance, including utility lines, substations, and fencing. Make sure everything in your solar ecosystem is operating at peak efficiency.Beyond panels, piece of mind: We inspect the surrounding infrastructure, such as power lines, substations, and fencing, for complete security and compliance. Ensure that every component of your solar ecosystem is working as efficiently as possible.
  • Lay the groundwork for success: Precise topographical surveys, vegetation mapping, and shadow analysis ensure optimal panel placement and energy production.

  • Design with confidence: Land slope & gradient profiling, accurate module measurements, and detailed layouts optimize your solar farm design.

  • Streamline procurement: Precise quantity estimation simplifies tendering and budgeting.

  • Monitor progress seamlessly: Track construction progress and ensure layout accuracy with drone-powered observations.

Your Solar Farm Guardian - From Vision to Peak Performancer

Operations and Maintenance(O&M):
  • Maximize output, minimize downtime: Detect faulty panels early with thermal & visual inspections, PV module IR imaging, and solar plant thermography.

  • Keep your system clean and efficient: Automate module cleaning for peak performance and reduced maintenance costs.

  • Identify hidden threats: Uncover shade-affected panels, IV mismatch losses, and PID cell mismatches before they impact production.

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